Episode 109

More reasons to hate Facebook and why you should IMMEDIATELY update your iPhone


January 31st, 2019

1 hr 28 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

In this week's episode, Dan and Marc talk about a really bad FaceTime bug that allows people to spy on you before you answer (update your phone!), a really bizarre and cryptic Google I/O "announcement," several more reasons to dislike Facebook (including openly ripping off children and parents, blocking ad transparency tools, merging the backend of all their messaging services, and tracking teenagers via a VPN that spies on them), and an island in the Galapagos that's using poison-dropping drones to eradicate its rodent problem. (e-RAT-icate? Geddit?)

Speed round:

  • the US government officially charged Huawei with fraud and obstructing justice
  • Apple's earnings call was pretty interesting
  • Canada has the highest average revenue per user for cell phone data, despite some of the lowest data usage
  • Fortnite now supports Bluetooth controllers on iPhone and Android
  • Casper the mattress company is into smart lighting now
  • Twitter is experimenting with an "original tweeter" badge
  • another iPod Touch might be coming
  • MoviePass will soon re-introduce an unlimited plan
  • DeepMind beat humans at StarCraft

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