Episode 111

Amazon news and the foreign Twitter trolls interfering with Canadian politics


February 14th, 2019

1 hr 15 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

In this week's episode, Dan, Marc, and Riley talk about Crave's new price hike, a CBC investigation of Twitter pot-stirring by Russian and Iranian trolls, the Canadian government's advertising priorities, Jeff Bezos' blackmail allegations, a Marie-Kondo-inspired Twitter tool, Germany's laws on Facebook's business model, Amazon's NYHQ, Amazon's purchase of Eero, more apps abusing Apple's Enterprise Certificates, self-driving car performance numbers (and Apple's ranking in them), Apple's Italian homepage, and a very confusing Kickstarter about sex.

Speed round:

  • Tim Hortons might be rolling out a loyalty program soon — it'll work with cards and a phone app
  • Bell says Huawei being outlawed won't affect 5G rollout
  • Samsung's AirPlay and iTunes TVs will launch in Canada "sometime in spring"
  • Google filed Canadian trademarks for Duplex and Google Fi
  • IGTV is going to be pretty in your face pretty soon
  • Spotify will now suspend or terminate free accounts that use ad blockers
  • Samsung's S10 event is Feb. 20 and we're expecting a folding phone
  • Looks like Google is seriously considering making smartwatches
  • Waze users are reporting DWI checkstops and the NYPD sent Waze a C&D letter for it
  • The 2020 Olympic medals will probably be made from metals recovered from e-waste
  • Waze for iOS now has support for Siri Shortcuts

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