Episode 121

Delete the McDonald's app


April 25th, 2019

1 hr 3 mins 49 secs

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In this week's episode we tell you why the Samsung Galaxy Fold broke, how much Marc loves his Huawei P30 Pro, why you should probably delete the McDonald's app from your iPhone, a Supreme Court of Canada ruling about "capturing criminal electronic messages," a brain implant that could restore speech to those unable to talk, a browser that pays you to watch ads, and Tesla's new custom-made self-driving chip.

Also another reason to be mad at Facebook. You should expect that by now.

Speed round:

  • AT&T wants to charge you on a tiered structure based on data speeds
  • Apple now promises next-day turnaround repairs on its janky Mac keyboards
  • Vine might be coming back, albeit in a new form
  • Amazon and Google are finally cooperating (somewhat)

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