Episode 129

Do snitches get stitches? La Liga's National Narc Network


June 20th, 2019

1 hr 17 mins 43 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this week's episode we talk about former RIM CEO Jim Balsillie's thoughts on data (hint: it's bombastic), the BC government's new e-bike incentive, the La Liga soccer (football?) app's secret spying/snitching technique, Google's legitimate push to RCS in Europe, Samsung's smart TV antivirus tweet, a Tesla truck made by a famous YouTuber, EA's stance on loot boxes, and Facebook's cryptocurrency.

Speed round:

  • Miller Lite made a beer can controller for some reason
  • Best Buy can repair Apple devices and Dan does not recommend
  • Comcast will have eye control for TVs soon
  • You can play arcade games in Teslas now
  • A news anchor in Egypt read out the "sent from" off the prompter

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