Episode 39

Filters, fidget spinners, and a new HTC phone


June 1st, 2017

1 hr 10 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

We're back to our old tricks in this episode — rather than one or two deep dives into a topic, this week it's a smattering of news from all over the place. That includes a Canadian startup connecting voice actors all over the world; a face filter technology that can map you to a painting or statue (bear with us — it's cool); the DJI Spark; the HTC U11; fidget spinners; the underlying tech behind Google Wifi.

Speed round:
-Marc Newson designed a $12,000 hourglass
-Canada's going to launch a vague strategy to accelerate the adoption of EVs
-Essential is coming

Marc — Anker SoundCore 2
Dan — Nuzzel news aggregator iOS | Android
Riley — Instagram: The Faces of Dan (@thefacesofdan)

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