Episode 59

Distracted driving and privacy fears


October 11th, 2017

1 hr 15 secs

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About this Episode

News was slow on the heels of the Google and Microsoft announcements, but we soldiered on nevertheless. This week we dive into Google's Home Mini mistake that recorded everything by accident; Saskatchewan's attempt to curb distracted driving; Uber's Apple-sanctioned ability to screen record you at all times; a Quebec court ruling on Uber's presence in the province; and the Pixel 2's lack of DAC.

Speed round:
-Feds give Bell $4 mil to improve Internet in 6 Ontario communities
-Jeff Koons' augmented reality Snapchat artwork gets 'vandalized'
-SanDisk now makes an "industrial" SD/microSD card that'll work in extreme Winnipeg winters
-Porsche launches on-demand subscription for its sports cars and SUVs
-Feds and Province of PEI help fund VR startup that'll allow you to play virtual board games
-Dow Jones reported fake news about Google buying Apple
-Yashica released a digital camera that makes you load fake film and wind it
-Snap Specacles are available in Canada as of Oct. 10 for $169.99

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